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You just found the PERFECT vacation getaway!

Sunset Beach Place consists of two luxury and private homes, the Penthouse and the Beach Villa and is a family or group vacation rental directly on the beach. The beach estate is very secluded, peaceful, and the compound offers the flexibility to rent each villa separately or both.

Sunset beach is one of the most beautiful secluded beaches in the Tampa Bay area – offering visitors a convenient location in Treasure Island on a private peninsula – secluded from the busy four-lane highway and hustle/bustle of the main Gulf Boulevard

We are also close enough to walk barefoot to the famous "Caddy's on the Beach" and "Ka-Tiki" Beach Bars, yet far enough away from any noise.

Sunset Beach Place is at your service!

We are here to help assist you to experience all of the great things to do on and around our Island Paradise.

Below are some of our suggestions for services that Treasure Island Florida has to offer.


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Baby Equipment Rentals

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Pet Friendly

Pets enjoy the getaway as much as their people! So, don’t leave them behind!

Your furry family members are more than welcome at Sunset Beach Place! From our pet friendly amenities and the pet friendly neighborhood.

Although the shallow minded local authorities don’t allow dogs directly on the beach itself; our beachfront home is the perfect choice for a tail-wagging  getaway!

Vacation just wouldn’t be the same without your four-legged best friend, right?

Make sure you and your pet are well prepared with our how-to guide on traveling with a dog.


Know Your Dog

Do you know if your dog has travel anxiety or gets car sick? Take them out for test drives if they don’t like to ride around already. Start with short rides of 10 to 15 minutes to help your dog acclimatize to your car and the motion of the vehicle. Then, increase the time daily or weekly until it’s time for your trip. If your pet does exhibit anxiety or car sickness, talk to your vet and they may be able to prescribe them a light sedative or something to help nausea.content goes here, click edit button to change this text.

Stay Safe

According to AAA, 30,000 accidents a year are caused by unrestrained pets roaming freely around the vehicle. Keep your dog secure by either using a pet barrier, crate, or pet seat belt.

Plan Your Pit Stops

Plan to stop every 2-3 hours so your dog can get out and exercise, use the bathroom, or have a snack!


The ASPCA recommends you should have a gallon of cold water handy so your pet doesn’t dehydrate on the road trip.

Don’t Leave Your Pet Alone

On an 85 degree day, a car can reach 110 degrees in 10 minutes. If you have to stop somewhere that isn’t pet-friendly, like a restaurant, leave the windows down at least an inch and order your food to go. If it’s available, go through the drive through.

Don’t Let Your Pup Hang Out Of the Window

As much as they love the wind flying through their fur, please don’t let your dog hang his head out of the window. High wind speeds can cause damage to the dogs’ already sensitive ears and lungs. Flying debris and cars driving too closely also can pose dangers to your pup.

Have Documents Handy (Just In Case)

Just in case the unimaginable happens, happens, make sure you have important documents handy. Proof of vaccination, microchip registration, and insurance are just a few examples of what you should bring along.

Just a Few More Tips

  • Bring a few snacks or treats to reward your furry friend for good behavior
  • Bring along a familiar toy or blanket to make them more comfortable
  • Turn off the speakers in the back of the car to avoid damaging your pets’ hearing
  • Give them positive reinforcement and lots of love along the way

Now that you know how to travel with your four-legged family member between this checklist

and our luxurious villas, you and your pet will have the best vacation yet!

What is the closest International Airport?

Tampa International Airport (TPA) is approximately 40 minutes from Sunset Beach.

We recommend the using the I-275 route to Treasure Island.

Do I need a car?

Each Villa has a large two car garage and additional parking for two cars in the driveway. For convenience, a car is the best way to go…

However there is a public trolley system on the island which runs about every 30 minutes. PSTA uses GPS to pinpoint each vehicles exact location at all times. This means they can provide reliable, real-time departure information to passengers.

Please click the box below for the current schedule.

What is check in time?

Check in is after 4:00 pm and check out is 10:00 am. We need substantial time to clean each unit to our very high standards and to make it absolutely perfect for your arrival.

Can I check in early?

Even if the property is vacant prior to your arrival, we still have to open up the unit and make sure everything is working perfectly. You may call us at 270.860.5539 at 2:30 p.m. on your check in day to ascertain if your home is ready for an earlier arrival. Occasionally, an early check-in or late check-out, is available to be booked at an additional fee.

How do I get my key?

Our Luxurious Villas are key-less entry. When you have paid in full and submitted your guest list with ages, you will be emailed a Guest Package 7 days prior to arrival with the code information.

House Rules

For your comfort, other guests, and our neighbors, please follow these simple rules while staying in our property. Sunset Beach is a place to enjoy, relax and unwind, and with your help we will keep it this way. Because of the unique configuration of the property (2 homes sharing the beach and spa) special consideration to other guests is required.

  • Sunset Beach Place is a completely smoke free property. No smoking anywhere in the property is allowed.
  • No fireworks or candles allowed anywhere on the property.
  • Please park your car in the designated parking area exclusively. Do not block any other guests at any time.
  • Loud and rowdy behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Please don’t move the furniture inside the house around.
  • The common areas may not be altered in any way.
  • The house itself may not be altered in any way including electronic equipment, TV, etc.
  • We do not accept reservations from anyone under 25 years of age. We do not allow persons under 25 to occupy the property unless accompanied by someone over 25 years of age.
  • No filming, photography, or any footage for commercial purposes may be shot at the property without the full written consent of the owners. A commercial photography and film rental agreement and release must be signed in advance (contract to be provided by the owners), and all fees must be paid in advance

Beach Rules

The following local  law enforcement rules (not ours) have been set by the Pinellas County’s Sheriff’s office regarding Treasure Island Beaches. Please follow them to avoid any trouble.

  • No bonfires or fire of any type on the beach including fireworks.
  • No drinking alcohol or glass containers on the beach, during posted dates and times.
  • No pets allowed directly on the beach.
  • No flashlights or flash photography at night during turtle season (March-October). 
  • No touching or disturbing turtle nests, eggs, or turtles.
  • Photography of sunsets and passing dolphins is allowed!

Your privacy is important to us.

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All clients information is kept in-house and strictly confidential. The personal information collected from you during order processing (name, address, phone & fax numbers, email address and credit card number & expiration date) is used exclusively for contract, shipping and billing purposes. We do not share this information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete that order. Sun Palace Vacation Homes does not share our customer’s personal information with any third party.

We use return email addresses to answer the email we receive and send out newsletters if requested. Such addresses are not used for any other purpose and are not shared with outside parties

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